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HIV and smoking: No longer barriers to life insurance cover

There are traditionally two main worries causing people to believe they are either ineligible for life insurance or it will be too expensive to be worthwhile. The first of these, smoking, affects many more people than the second, HIV. Most policies will class you as a smoker if you have consumed any nicotine within the [...]

Independent Advice and the Retail Distribution Review

Almost half of life insurance customers do not want to pay for advice on their policy, a new report by Ernst & Young has revealed. Despite the large financial commitment involved and the potential for mis-selling, consumers expect free advice about the complex options available. The research carried out by the financial services firm found [...]

Pre-1984 Tax Relief on Life Insurance Policies Abolished

The government has responded to its consultation on the removal of a range of tax reliefs and confirmed that it will remove tax relief on life assurance premiums in the 2012 Finance Bill. The decision comes as part of the publication of draft clauses for the financial bill, which was published on 6th December and [...]

FSA to ban failing investment models, not life insurance.

While life insurance products are seen as a safety net by their customers, for some people they are a route to easy money. Trading life insurance has become a popular investment vehicle in the US and was beginning to make inroads here in the UK. However, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has this week signalled [...]