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The Key to Getting Cheap Life Assurance in the UK

The importance of life insurance in today's world cannot be reiterated enough. The question that lingers in the minds of a lot of people is this: how can one get a cheap life insurance deal in the UK? Below are some tips that may help individuals get an excellent life insurance policy that will provide value for their money.


The first thing to keep in mind is that UK residents should veer away from overseas or off shore based life insurance policies to ensure that costs are kept at a minimum. Purchasing life insurance from non-UK-based companies requires additional costs for offshore operations. This is why it is best to stay at home when looking for a cheap life assurance policy. After all, one will definitely feel safer knowing that his insurance company is relatively easy to access. Although there might not be a need drop by the company's headquarters, it is always better to know that if push comes to shove it will be easier to pay these guys a visit.

There are a lot of established UK-based companies that offer a variety of services including Norwich Union UK, Churchill Insurance Company, and Royal London, to name a few. One will just have to take his pick.

Getting the Right Policy

It is also important for people to understand the technical side of their policies. There is no need to scrutinize the deals in detail but one would at least have to know the exclusions of their policies. People who engage in risky activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping may want to check if their policies have recreational activities exclusions. The same goes for frequent fliers as some policies travel exclusions may not cover certain countries.

Steer Clear of Dubious Deals

One last tip is to make sure that one is not entering a shady deal. In getting a cheap life assurance policy price mustn't be the only factors as some seemingly affordable deals might even require individuals to spend more in the long run. It is wise to stay away from tied agents who can only sell the products of his or her own company as they prioritize their needs and the needs of their company before those of their customers. It is also better to opt for those life assurance policies that require medical exams as non-med insurance deals are definitely more expensive. GP

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Is your Life Insurance cover costing you too much?

Life insurance cover is something which has actually dropped in cost over recent years. Anyone who has arranged Life Insurance cover more than a few years ago could be surprised at how much it may be possible to save.

Critical illness Insurance

Critical illness is another cover which has also changed shape quite considerably, with many companies now only offering review able critical illness quotes.

Mortgage Payment protection

Mortgage Payment protection and Private Medical insurance are also two other areas of cover where we may be able to offer advice and assistance.