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High risk life insurance does not mean the applicant is uninsurable. It simply means you have to pay a higher price in exchange for insuring your life, and that your options may be more limited than someone might have in a lower risk category. However, these circumstances can be easily avoided by getting high risk life insurance quotes. Instead of suffering from inadequate benefits due to belonging in this category, one can have the advantages of a low risk applicant just by following these three steps.

Reduce your body's cholesterol level

Because insurers are stringent when it comes to one's health, most insurers are willing to lower the cost of premium provided that the applicant establishes a history of reducing his cholesterol level. You can do this by consulting a doctor on how to reduce cholesterol level quickly but naturally. So if you are currently paying high rates due to your cholesterol level, take active steps in this direction immediately to reduce your current risk level.

Guard not just your physical health, but mental health as well

Some life insurers care more about an applicant's mental health than his physical health. This means if a person is physically healthy, a professional athlete for instance, but he is on anti-depressants, he would have to pay a higher premium than he would otherwise have without the medications. Though he is fit and very much healthy, he would still be applying for a high risk life insurance policy because actuaries and underwriters argue that people who take such medications are prone to destructive methods such as killing themselves, thereby increasing their risk of insurability.

Watch your driving culture

Believe it or not, one's driving culture can affect the risk factor of his insurability. Traffic offences such as speeding tickets and convictions reflect poorly on your insurability as they increase the risk on the part of your insurer, thereby increasing your life insurance premium. Also, sports cars and super bikes are risky in the eyes of insurers as they tend to invite danger. Insurers have a way of finding out these things so it is important to develop a decent driving culture and avoid traffic violations so that insurers would keep your premiums on the low end.


Applying for a life insurance can be tricky because there are a lot of risk factors that insurers look at. Your age, weight, activities, vices and pre-existing medical conditions are indicators of a low or high risk life insurance, and they determine how much the premium would be. Those who understand the risk factors of the insurer pay a lot less for their insurance policies. Hopefully the above mentioned tips would help you in your quest for better rates. Here are some more pages on the site with further information:
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